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What To Look Out For When You’re Buying Travel Books

Surely everyone loves a good travel book but sometimes they can be disappointing, more often, say, than a recipe or handcraft book. There are ways to avoid missing the bus.

Before forking out dollars for a travel book, ask yourself the following: am I in love with the idea of this book or the book itself? Take for example a book entitled “Gorgeous Morocco”. Are you in love with the idea of glorious Morocco or the book you are holding in your hand? To establish this you need to ask: what is the purpose of buying this book?

If you are planning a trip to Morocco and it’s nuts-and-bolts information you are seeking, then it is no good buying the incoherent ramblings of a traveling school teacher in the 1950’s. It’s also no good being attracted by the photographs, because photos do lie and hardly constitute hard information. If you are simply keen on reading and learning about Morocco in general, then a book written from any angle will do, unless it is something completely off-beam, like a book written in the 1920’s by a missionary, called “How I Converted Four Heathens In Morocco”.

If it’s useful travel information you are after, ask yourself: is this book up to date and properly researched? If you are holding a book called “Mainland Greece”, for instance, do a quick test. Think of a town in mainland Greece you know, such as Thrace, and see how quickly it takes to locate the section on Thrace and how useful the information is concerning accommodation, transport, restaurants, attractions, etc.

Easy-to-navigate handbooks with great indexes are just the ticket. They should be compact, so you can fit them in your hand luggage and cheap enough that if you lose them you don’t mind. The rule of thumb is that a few illustrative photographs are good – they show serious intent on the part of author and publisher to inform you – but too many photographs diminish the quality and quantity of the usable information. There should be concise historical nuggets and handy insider travel tips. There should also be complementary online resources listed for up-to-the-minute information.

If it’s not practical information you are after, but you want to feed your travel dreams and inform yourselves about countries through the ages then ask: who wrote this book? There has been a “colonization” of countries through travel writing. I mean that certain writers in English writing have become inextricably linked with writings about certain countries. They are quite simply the last word on the subject.

Lawrence Durrell and Henry Miller colonized Greece. Lawrence of Arabia colonized Arabia, Robert Lacey colonized Saudi Arabia. William Dalrymple colonized Byzantium and Delhi. The Durrells colonized Corfu. Bill Bryson colonized Australia and rural America. Lisa St. Aubin de TerĂ¡n colonized South America and Umbria. Peter Mayle colonized Provence, And so on. The quality of travel writer you want when you are reading for dreaming and escapism is completely different from the quality of writer you seek when it’s current useful data you are after.

If you are after visuals and looking through a pictorial travel book, then you should ask:
how much has the photographer introduced of his/her own vision into the book? There is nothing that puts a traveler’s teeth on edge more than paging through a book on Rome and seeing the same old perspectives of the Coliseum and the Spanish Steps. If the photographer and the person who wrote the text (there will always be some text in a pictorial travel book) has not introduced some personal theme or perspective then you don’t really have a travel book worthy of the name.

Travel Books – Compilation of Accurate Travel Information

The travel books are a wonderful means of gaining information about travel, travel routes and other travel related information. These books really act as a virtual guide for people who are true aspirants of tour and travel. Travel books give a detailed information of the various routes available for visiting a place and the means to commute.

These books normally concentrate on a particular place or destination. However, there are also categories that give a broad coverage of destinations. Such coverage include a number of places in one region. But whenever the travel books give coverage to one place, it is detailed information about the tourist spots. So, the tourists are absolutely kept alert about the tour package for touring a place. This is absolutely convenient for people as they can now avail the right services for they are in full knowledge about the do’s and do not’s after reading the travel related books.

The travel books are meant to provide an itinerary to travelers aspiring to travel to several destinations of the world. The travel literature is a genre in itself. These books document the travel literature and store them as a knowledge pool for people to get the right kind of information. The books are incorporated with fascinating pictures of tourist destinations and places. These pictures give viewers a through understanding and the readers get a glimpse of a place before visiting it. The unique and informative content make tourists fall in love with a place. It is only then that they decide to visit the place during their vacations or holidays.

Some of the best examples of travel books are lonely Planet, Rick Steves, Moon Handbooks, Michelin, Eyewitness Guides and more. These books give complete information about a destination. Tour packages are compiled to help tourists choose the most suitable travel package keeping in mind the time in their hand. People find it very convenient for it acts as a capsule that gives complete information about tourist destinations on earth. So, it is recommended that tourists read such books before taking up tour to a place.

Travel Books – Enhance Your Travelling Options

Travelling is regarded as one of the preferred options by most of the people to stimulate their tiring souls. Exploring unknown places can be very exciting as it helps the people undertake adventurous tasks to overcome the hurdles of daily life. However, it is also very absurd to start travelling without having any prior knowledge of the concerned place or locality.

A particular place incites our curiosity only when it is very popular or has some unique feature. This kind of activity is basically undertaken by a person when he or she wants to take a break from the daily hectic schedules. As such a person should careful plan to enjoy his whole trip. It would be very irritating if the travellers get lost in the midst of their journey. As such the travel books are carefully written to guide the readers to the right path.

The Travel Books perfectly depict the records, events, people and the history of the concerned place. These books form a different genre in literature. However the readers should not get confused with the travel literature and the travel guides. But both of them are useful for the travellers as they offer huge chunks of information regarding the hotels, major sights, restaurants and travel tips etc. These books are specially written after extensive research and survey. The writers in most of the cases travel to these places and share their experiences in these books.

Reading the travel books will not only guide you in your journeys but can also help you to enhance your knowledge about a particular place. These books efficiently help the readers to wander in those wonderful and exciting places in their imagination. These books superbly depict the histories of those exciting places and the habitation of the people who reside there. They can perfectly guide the readers to undertake adventurous decisions to have thrilling experience throughout their journeys.

Some of the top rated Travel Books are Ancient Rome, Apples of Kazakhstan, Basrayatha, Black Gold of the Sun, Down in New Orleans, God’s Middle Finger, Humberger Eyes and Goodbye Madame Butterfly etc. These books would give you an insight about your preferred destination. The online shopping stores can also help the travellers to get their preferred books at affordable prices. These stores have various genres of books to suit the taste of every category of people. Moreover, the customers can browse these sites to avail their preferred book along with various attractive offers and gifts.

Travel Books – Know the World Around You

“The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it”, quotes James Bryce. This adage is applicable for academic and hobby reading as well. The reader gains insight into diverse range of subjects and is in control of utilizing the knowledge, thus gained. The ideal ways in which mental interpretation may be presented include speech and writing. The advantage of having thoughts, knowledge and interpretability in the written form, provides scope for long term reading and one may preserve the literature for centuries.

Books that divulge details about exotic locations, travel options and most suitable methods to plan a tour are included in this specific category. Travel books offer a fascinating experience of knowing the pros, cons and the best things to expect after getting there, not to mention the typical weather, landmarks, festivals and other significant events. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to traverse the globe through books? There are different categories that cater to a wide range of travelers and they are explored as follows:

Books in this category, incorporate details on a wide range of adventure travel destinations. Readers may avail information on the exotic wildlife safaris of Africa and the expeditions of Antarctica. A comprehensive data on exploration of countries like Vietnam, China and Japan or the islands of Lakshadweep and the Andaman are incorporated. All this and more, are included in books that deal with adventure travel. Information on trekking, hiking, water rafting, snorkeling, shark diving and much more may be availed from this category.

Culture is a wide subject that is seldom encompassed in a single book or volume and is best when read in categorically earmarked pages. Most travel guides that take you on a cultural expedition are magazines that deal with cultural predispositions of a defined region, in the most elaborate and enthralling manner. Cultural adventure is ideal for travelers, keen on participating in the cultural extravaganza of a chosen destination. These books deal with time and season bound events and the detailed information provided, makes it an ideal choice for travelers.

Recreational travel is the most popular category as it can be held any time of the year and is not limited by geographic boundaries. Each destination is blessed with its own unique culture. Travel to amusement parks and nature’s very own paradises across the world, is made easy with travel books. You may get a glimpse of Tarzan’s tree house or take a trip to the wondrous Egypt. There is a surfeit of information available on the ‘how’ and ‘where’ of tour planning and the places to avail best deals. The type of journey and the ‘must-see’ places are lucidly presented in travel books.

The most well known publication houses that deal with travel books include ‘The Lonely Planet Guides’, Michelin Guides and ‘The Moon Guides’ which are apt for an adventure loving traveler. The internet is another important source for availing information on the most visited tourist destinations. Reviews from travelers offer detailed preview on the pros and cons of the trip and help the reader plan one that is ideally suited. Books on travel may have been replaced by the electronic media which is the present trend, yet exclusive books on travel will never go out of style.

The Benefits Of Online Travel Booking

The age of the internet has provided a wide range of conveniences and nowadays, people make travel plans without leaving the comfort of their homes. As long as you posses an internet connection, you are able to plan your holiday without leaving your home. In this rapidly advancing world, making online travel booking has become particularly common. It is not only making travel reservations that you can do through the online systems, but also making vacation package deals.

Traveling from one place to another is now trouble free and you ought not to wait till you arrive at your destination to book your hotel. Travelers do not also have to rely on the telephones, which might not be reliable. The internet is more trustworthy since there is little chance of mixing up your reservation or forgetting to fill in reservations log, as compared to dealing with individuals. You are going to get information immediately when you make your booking online.

Benefits of online travel booking
Firstly, the internet has numerous websites that claim to offer best online travel deals. Therefore, this has significantly enhanced competition among different companies offering this service, and the best part of this is that the traveler benefits from this. They are coming with better services to stay in business by providing excellent online travel deals to clients. The majority of websites have agreements with the main airlines that offer them discount and other bargains. The websites will pass a portion of the discounts to the clients, and as a result, the client gets cheaper flights when compared to travel agents who also charge their commission on the tickets.

You will normally have the opportunity of comparing the costs of travel portals and numerous websites. You may also try different packages introduced by them. These include car rentals, hotel stay among others. There are some travel review websites reviewing many hotels and airlines. You may peruse these reviews prior to booking your ticket. Another main benefit of online travel booking is that you are able to book them anywhere at any time. You may check the flight’s status from your home.

You do not have to remit any fees or commission to anyone. Majority of airlines have their websites today that will show you its flight’s status and available seats. The sites have also begun voice support service, and you can now contact customer care service when you have any reservation related to your bookings. Another advantage of online travel booking is that it is extremely convenient and safe than ever before. People have reported a decrease in the number of credit card frauds and scams. Credit card payment today has become one of the most secure alternatives to pay online. Therefore, you are certain of trouble free travel ahead.

It is, however, advised that when making your reservations online, you must always make sure that you are dealing with a reputable site. In a majority of cases, you will be needed to pay through your credit card. In order to avoid your money and information falling into unscrupulous hands, you should only deal with the hotel’s official website. You should be cautious not to pay any money to sites that claim to be working on behalf of the hotel.